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About Us


Ellen & Sue

Both Ellen Bayens and Sue Jennett have been diagnosed celiac for decades.  Ellen produces valuable information for those on a gluten free diet on her website www.theceliacscene.com, with current articles, studies and importantly, safe places to eat and buy food, mostly in Victoria and mainland BC, but also covering many chain restaurants.  Ellen vets the businesses and is their go-to resource for any questions about gluten free food preparation.  She has, for many years worked closely with families of the newly diagnosed to help them navigate the challenges of the gluten free diet.  A significant presence on social media helps her keep her finger on the pulse of current issues about both celiac disease and gluten free.

Sue currently produces two podcasts about celiac disease and the gluten free diet, the most popular being A Canadian Celiac Podcast, where she interviews doctors, food producers, dieticians and notable regular people about celiac disease and gluten free.  She operated a gluten free bakery for more than ten years and hosted a gluten free baking show on her local community television station for two seasons.  Sue has a grown daughter with celiac who was diagnosed prior to her fifth birthday.  As well, she organized summer camps for celiac kids for five summers.

Ellen and Sue have great insights into the challenges faced by celiac patients and have taken particular interest in the unique issues of children and families.  They often spoke about resources that might make being a celiac child just that bit easier and from those discussions came Celiac Kid Stuff.  A simple idea that Ellen and Sue are excited to bring to families.  But don’t get comfortable because there are lots of ideas in the works for other resources and products coming to help you, the family of a celiac kid.